Network analysis with BestNetwork:

Check your network design with BestNetwork. This App takes your network as input and calculates the a priori estimated error of your network design (pre-analysis).


That's how it works:

Start the App and zoom-in or center the map to a location of your choice by using the navigation mode  . You can determine your location with thebutton (using your GPS position).  Then click onto map to locate the points that define your network. To switch between adding known (coordinates available) / unknown (no coordinates available) points use thebutton.

Add observations to your network by using the button. The first click on the map defines the station. Any further click on the map defines a target point and adds an observation from the station to this point.

After defining your network run the a priori calculations with thebutton.  use this button to open the points and observation windows or Long-press a point in the map to get the dialog window.

Explanation of all the buttons:                                                  

Zoom/shift map - use this button to navigate.
Add known points - switch between adding points with known coordinates or points with yet unknown coordinates.
Add unknown points - switch between adding points with known coordinates or points with yet unknown coordinates.
Add observations - define stations and observations to target points.

Perform an a priori analysis - run the calculation. and observations - edit and delete points or observations individually. KML - export graphics into a kml file WORK IN PROGRESS - COMMING SOON.

Delete all points - remove the whole network including all points and measurements.
Parameter setting - set total station accuracy and standard deviation of known points 
Go to my location - show your current location on the map (using GPS).
Go to address - show address on the map.
Map Mode - choose background map.
Offline Mode - stop downloading new tiles (map).
Some functions may be hidden in the action overflow. You can reveal a list of all the hidden actions by pressing the overflow button on the right hand side of the screen(or the device Menu button, if available).

Please leave any comments or suggestions you may have:

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