Using old measurents or go and measure it again?

Following examples are calculated with BestNetwork.

Calculate new coordinates for a boundary in a forest. It is not possible to use GNSS. The approach is to traverse with a total station. The yellow points are unknown. For these points new coordinates have to be calculated.

I have the choice of using old measurements or measure a new traverse. What is the difference in accuracy. What do I gain with new measurement? Here the picture of the two equipments. For both choice I set an accuracy of 10 mm for known points. 

Traverse with new total station 2016
- distance 2 mm + 2ppm
- direction 0.5mgon
- centring error 1mm


Traverse with DK-RT 1930
- distance 10 mm + 100ppm
- direction 1.5mgon
- centring error 10mm 


Result Traverse with new Total Station
- 8 mm

Result Traverse with DK-RT 1930
- 24 mm



24 mm is not bad. Consequently I us old measurements instead of going out into the forest and measure the traverse again. What would you do? 

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