Export KML

Export results to a KML file and store it on your sd card. Use buttonor click on "Export to KML" in dropdown list to export all graphics to a kml file on your device. KML files are stored on your sd card in the folder kml.

Next, apps are shown to open the KML on your device.

Return to BestNetwork with back button

Find kml files on your device:

Folder kml

Transfer KML File to a PC and open it in Google earth:
BestNetwork results are in sorted in folders
- unkown points
- known points
- error ellipses
- data-snooping / reliability
- observations (yellow distance, red angle)

Display calculated results of each point
standard deviation
¦ sx ¦ in x (north) direction [mm]
¦ sy ¦ in y (east) direction [mm]
error ellipses 
¦ sA ¦ semi-major axis  [mm] 
¦ sB ¦ semi-minor axis  [mm] 
¦ sO ¦ major axis azimut  [Grad]
Data-snooping / Reliability
¦ NA ¦ undetected error [mm]
¦ rO ¦ Orientation [Grad]
¦ [rObs] ¦ caused by this observation

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