Map and map navigation

Navigation mode
Normally every click onto map generates points. This is very helpful to gather points immediately after the App started. Change to navigation mode when no points should be defined, for example when you want to pan (move the map). Deactivate Navigation mode with another click on the button.

Zoom In!
Click onto the plus of zoom control. Zoom control appears at the bottom of the map after a short click onto the map.


...further map functions

Some map functions like compass and map mode may be hidden in the action overflow. You can reveal a list of all the hidden actions by pressing the overflow button on the right hand site of the screen (or the device Menu button, if available).


Go to my location

Show your current location on the map by using Google Location Service (GPS, wireless networks or cell networks). Make sure you've enabled Location Services on your device. Press the button and the screen will center on your current location. The location is represented by a little yellow man on the map. Click again, if location is not yet accurate.
Turn off your location by clicking "My location" check box. Location symbol will be shown only, when this check box is enabled.

 Go to address

In the search box, enter the name of a place you're looking for. Google Location Service will move the map to this location.

Map mode

Choose from different maps. Mapnik and MapQuest have zoom levels from 1-18. Cycle Map has just 1-17 zoom levels, but in contrast to Mapnik and MapQuest contour lines are displayed. For more information see following links:



Offline mode

If you do not want to use your internet connection all the time, offline mode can be enabled. Keep in mind that in this mode no tiles will be downloaded. If there is no tile locally available a grey grid will appear instead of a map tile.

If you wish to use a certain area later in offline mode, simply pan over that area in online mode. Wait a bit that all tiles can be downloaded (no grey grid visible). Do that for every zoom level separately. 

Online mode (default)
Map tiles are continually downloaded to your android device. Several tiles are needed for every map window at this location and zoom level. All tiles are stored locally after downloading. Applying this mechanism has the advantage that tiles doesn't have to be downloaded every time.  

Tiles are locally stored in:

...\osmdroid\tiles\Mapnik (Mapquest,...)

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